Think BIG in business!

Noo Thinking is a consultancy, focused on effective communication, based in South London.

Noo Thinking supports individuals, schools, organisations and businesses to be highly performing, by helping people to work at their best.

The opportunity presented to challenge accepted working practices in March 2020, accelerated our move towards flexible working.

The technological advances, especially around AI, Data acquisition and Web 3, present yet more opportunities to accelerate change in our working practices.

Effective work and change management practices and well designed work spaces will always build high impact, happy teams, retain good staff and drive up performance; a rising tide lifts all boats! 

Those who accept and embrace that change is normal and learning is a constant, will be best prepared to embrace the now and the future.

The machines are here, and more are coming, so we need to be the best humans we can so that we can work with them and not be replaced by them.

Bernard Marr, top influencer on Future skills, says that to be ready to embrace the changes coming, we need technical skills and the ability to be as human as possible with soft skills.

Planning time for reflection and evaluation can mean that work practices such as celebration and reward of high performance , ineffective communication and work streams and areas for targeted training and support, are identified and can be addressed, often with the high associated gains of retaining and attracting good staff. 

If you would like to discuss any aspects of good working practices, physical or procedural, why not book a free, initial consultation and let us help you. Please get in touch.


Recent ACAS and Gallup research has shown:

  • Disengaged workers make errors at a 60% higher rate
  • Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their organisation
  • The annual cost of conflict to UK organisations was £28.5 billion
  • Only 9% of UK employees are actively engaged at work
  • Globally, 21% of employees are actively engaged at work.
  • Is communication effective in your organisation?  Can you afford for it not to be?
  • Reach out for communication support to improve your:
  • Staff Engagement
  • Staff Retention
  • Workplace Culture
  • Attracting, Onboarding, Developing and Retaining Young Staff
  • Career Development Conversations
  • Staff and Client Relationships
  • Customer Service
  • Change Management
  • Intelligent and Empathic Leadership