Noo Thinking Ltd is led by Nicole Godetz

Nicole’s Leadership Experience

Nicole has over 20 years of senior and executive leadership experience.

Nicole has a vast array of experience in supporting adults and children to perform to the best of their ability. She has worked with many different professions, agencies and organisations.

Nicole has strengths in logistics, problem solving and joined-up thinking. She has supported and developed many people to make significant progress in their careers, and groups and organisations to improve their performance.

Nicole is skilled in engaging staff and young people, mentoring, coaching, team building, training, resolving conflicts and mediating.

Speaking in a clear and inspiring way to groups that vary in size and age, has been a routine part of Nicole’s experience. Due to her engaging presentation style, Nicole has been asked, on many occasions, to lead presentations, chair meetings and host gatherings.

With her professional experiences and strengths, Nicole can offer a wide range of skills to help the people, organisations and businesses she works with to be the best they can be. She can bring a myriad of experience to help join up ideas and think “outside of the box”. This is why Nicole believes Noo Thinking Ltd can make a positive difference to working practices and thus empower people to flourish and organisation to fly.

Noo Thinking Ltd believes that most organisations and businesses have the ability to improve themselves, but not always the capacity needed at that time. We come and listen to, and learn about, you, and then  help you to help yourselves. The support we plan together will be targeted to your needs and build on your strengths. In this way, you will have ownership of anything we plan together and be able to build on, and sustain, your improvements. Depending on the size of the organisations, we have a range of survey and analysis tools to allow impact assessment.

Nicole Godetz Founder of Noothinking