As a company, Noo Thinking aims to help individuals, schools, organisations and businesses work to the best of their ability by empowering people to work well together.

 As part of our practice, we are constantly networking and researching effective business support and transformative offers.

We are a sharing and empowering organisation, so we want to share business treasures that we find. We do this by having an open address book. 

This is not a recommendations page, this is a place where we note companies and business offers that we think are significant and worth a share. This page lists our opinions, and that is what they are, our opinions.

See what you think…

Shaking Hands

Shaking Hands, is an award-winning partnership for small medium business owners to communicate, collaborate, and shape the future of good business in Croydon. Our members pay a monthly or annual fee to be a part of the business group. In return, our members receive an...

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Pylon Design – Web and Graphic Design for Schools

About Pylon Design Pylon Design’s aim is to provide our clients with creative yet appropriate solutions that are cost effective and within budget. We always try to be innovative with the design, production and delivery, whether that be on screen or in print. Pylon...

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