Effective working practices: a quick test. ( Have you reviewed this in light of the work challenges of the Pandemic?)

1. There is a vision and set of values that is published which all stakeholders understand and sign up to.

2. A regular review (at least annually) takes place using qualitative and quantitative data of outcomes and performance, measured against our vision and values.

3. We undertake an evaluation based on the review.

4. We explicitly celebrate success.

5. We use the evaluation to develop a useful, action plan to address our areas of development.

6. The action plan SMART; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time referenced.

7. There is a system in place that ensures that all levels of the organisation have an understanding of, and chance to contribute to, the review, evaluation and action planning.

8. We have a staffing structure that matches staff skills and use of time effectively to actions needed.

9. We ensure that staff, at all levels, are supported and trained well enough to deliver our action plan.

10. We are managing our workload well at all levels.

11. We have a transparent, consistent and understood system of managing staff performance that celebrates success, and supports areas in need of development.

12. We have a published set of policies that are driven by our vision and values for core areas of finance, health and safety, safeguarding and HR practices, communication etc. These policies are adhered to.

13. We have a comfortable workplace that demonstrates that the well-being of the people who spend their time there is valued.

14. We have a competitive pay structure.

15. Relationships are positive and constructive in the workplace, and with stakeholders.

16. Managers and leaders are good practice models of our Vision, Values and Work Practices.

10 + 12 =

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