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Noo Thinking applies intuitive training, coaching and facilitation based on years of experience and the latest research  to support forward- thinking work practices.

AI and machine learning mean that as humans we have to offer what they can’t; humanity. So, we need to be good at it!

Never have our human, soft, interpersonal skills been so important!

BREXIT, skills shortages, The Great Resignation, high attrition rates amongst our young talent, increases in poor mental health and service overloads, all present huge recruitment, presenteeism and retention challenges.

Never before have attractive recruitment and onboarding, effective leadership,  young/ early career support and evidencing and promoting positive work cultures been so important.

Talk to Noo Thinking about:

 Staff Engagement: Information gathering and analysis, action planning and change management delivery to build or sustain positive work experiences and cultures

Staff Experience: Reviewing the impact the work space has on the productivity (in the broadest sense) of the organisation and how this could be improved to build or further embed positive work cultures

Embedding Effective, Constructive, Diverse and Inclusive Work Practices to embed positive work cultures and high-performing teams

Training (see services and schools)

Facilitation (Events, training, specific meetings and challenging conversations)

Consultancy (advice, thought partner work and creative, “Noo” approaches and strategies)

Coaching (Leadership,performance, career and business)

Developing Resilience, Emotional Intelligence and Grit

Mentor Training and Development 

Motivating, Coaching and Empowering Young People (1:1 and group, in education and the workplace)

Support with Employing and Empowering Young People to succeed

Conflict and Dispute Resolution and Mediation 

Public Speaking

Effective Teaching and Learning, Inclusion, Pupil Engagement and Assessment

Download and complete Noothinking’s guide to effective work and change management practices. We can support you with any aspects that you think you may need to re-look at, or target some initial foci.

Whether you work alone, are a school, organisation or business, starting up, on the point of growth or well established, embedding effective work and change management practices, can be made easier by commissioning external support; that’s us!

Noo Thinking can help you:


Create time for thinking and planning;

Reviewing work practices and structures to ensure that all staff are clear about their roles can highlight areas in need of review.  Checking that everyone is trained to perform well in their roles, and ensuring that there is a training plan in place, can make a positive difference to performance and well being.  Having someone external to do these reviews for you, can be beneficial in terms of time and objectivity.

Sometimes we just need some extra help to deliver discrete pieces of work or projects, to help us manage busier times  and plug temporary skills or capacity gaps.  Bringing in a consultant to help here, can be very effective.

Have a shared focus and direction;

Having a shared and clear vision, and  set of values, helps steer individuals, schools, organisations and businesses forward. This vision, and your values, should drive all aspects of policy, performance and work practices. They will give a transparent and objective reference point for all stakeholders.

It is often far more productive to have an external facilator to support events that are targeted at establishing or reviewing your vision and values.

Ensuring that there is routine review and evaluation of performance and practices is essential to sustaining and increasing improvements. Using evaluative conclusions to plan directional focus , is another crucial step to sustaining and improving performance. Careful planning of change and growth in terms of vision and process will support a smoother transition. The greater the involvement of all stakeholders at all levels, the greater the sense of understanding, ownership  and commitment of the whole organisation; and hence positive, institutional growth.

Bringing in an external  facilatator to help with all aspects of the above described processes can be beneficial in a number of ways:

  • Leaders can be part of the discussion, as they are not leading it
  • Relationships can change positively, as there is a new dynamic
  • There can be a reduction in any negative legacy of ideas that may cloud inspirational thinking
  • Planned activities can help ensure all have a voice
  • Time can be managed to ensure the event is productive
  • Commissioning an external consultant can suggest extra importance and value are being given to the process

Integrate well-being and support for all;

 When people are happy at work, they have less time off sick, they stay in their jobs for longer and they work more effectively when they are at work. Creating happy teams can need careful planning for schools, organisations and businesses; having clarity on roles and direction is a major part of this. Being treated fairly and consistently, in line with agreed policies and procedures, and seeing leaders and managers “Walking the Walk “ and not just “Talking the Talk” is another crucial part of the jigsaw for creating happy teams at work. Sometimes, we need to take some specific actions to build positive teams; this can show that value is being placed here.

Improving the performance, capability and professional work behaviour of individuals and small groups, can be addressed through mentoring , coaching and embedding a culture of openness and transparency. 

Overt and specific acknowledgements to celebrate positive practice and outcomes in line with the vision and values of the organisation, and objective and clear key conversations to address practice and outcomes that are not in line with the vision and values of the organisation, need to be routinely embedded in to work practices. Positive cultures do not happen by chance, they planning to be established and constant attention to be maintained.

When things are really not working and disputes and complaints occur, then resolution or even mediation may be needed.

Many smaller schools, organisations and businesses may not have the skills to address some of the aspects outlined above, and it may be necessary to bring in an external person with the right skill set. Even where there are the skills at a work place, it can at times be beneficial to bring in an external person, to address a specific aspect of well-being, relationship building or relationship mending.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of effective working and change management practices, why not book a free, initial consultation to talk to us about your needs. 

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Training, Facilitation and Support


Current Pre planned training offers

"Finding ME in My work team"

How do young people come to understand work culture?

How do they know if they need to be more resilient or speak up?

Working with expert team coach and director of Work In Harmony, Noo Thinking is offering this excellent training for career starters.

Download our support offer here

 "Essential Communication Skills to Build and Sustain High-Performing Teams "

Never before have soft skills been so important. As we work more globally and remotely, we need to be able to apply a range of communication skills to develop and sustain high performing teams. Creating psychological safety, promoting mental wellness, managing hybrid work arrangements, all while focusing on business growth and success, demands complex levels of sensitive and effective intentional communication.

Also, with AI and machine learning integrating into the work place increasingly, we need to be the best humans we possibly can; collaborating, making complex decisions, showing empathy. If we can't do these, then let the machines do it better!

Noo Thinking and Work in Harmony can help you with these essential communication skills needed to build and sustain great teams.

Download our support offer here

Special announcement! We are running an open course on June 8th, East Croydon.

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"Successfully Engaging, Retaining and Developing Your Young Talent"

High attrition rates, soaring mental well health issues, unfilled vacancies, exponential conflict leading to arbitration. We want good news and it's there for the taking, if you know how. Learn how to attract, keep and develop your young talent.

Noo ThInking and Work in Harmony's training and support will help you to celebrate and bring out the best in your young talent so that they shine for themselves and for your business.

Download our support offer here

"What does the "new normal" and  hybrid working look like for your business?"

After the challenge to working practices the Covid pandemic has thrown at us, we need to stop, draw a breath and ask ourselves:

Which practices have worked better?

What does our business need to get back to?

What sort of office size, location and layout would suit us best?

These and many more questions will be going around. It is crucial that your staff are a part of these discussions; use their thinking, or lose their thinking!

Download our support offer here 

"How happy are you with the performance and retention of your young staff?

Employing young people is amazingly rewarding. Invest time, expertise and support in their onboarding, working practices and development and you and your organisation, and society at large, will benefit enormously. Are you investing in our young people?

Download our support offer here

"Honest Conversations"

How often do you yourself think about avoiding confrontation?

How many work hours are lost due to issues and misconduct not being addressed at the early stages?

Creating a constructive work ethos and understanding what confrontation is, and is not, can have a hugely positive impact on the well-being, attendance, retention, engagement and productivity of your staff.

Download our course leaflet here

"Are you and your staff being the best you can be?"

How on point are you on staff experience and engagement at your workplace?

SMEs and larger companies and organisations who actively audit and assess these issues, make effective use of the results and communicate these ethically with their workforce, can show significant improvements in staff retention, attendance, well-being , pride in the workplace and productivity.

This is not just for the "Big Guns", SMEs can benefit too and get a huge ROI for this work.

If you think all is ok, make some time to know what you are doing well so that you can keep doing it, celebrate it and use it to attract top talent and excellent, employer reputation attention!

Download our course leaflet here

Developing Grit, Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

People, and the organisations they work in, need to embed grit, resilience and emotional intelligence, but how is it done?

Each of these words alone can have different meanings, and each of these different meanings will not be understood in the same way in all organisations and, by the people within them. We know we should focus on them, but where do we start, how do we develop and embed them and how will we know that we have?

Download our course leaflet here

Would you like to engage your staff in the success of the organisation?

Vision and values sign up, workstream analysis, skills matching and developing, remuneration, well-being, staff retention processes, levels of engagement, organisational growth and restructure, productivity analysis, the list goes on; too much for senior staff to sort out in isolation, yes?

Would you like achieve greater workforce engagement in strategic decision making?

Noo Thinking can provide experienced and expert facilitation and organise venue and accommodation organisation.

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"Maximising the positive impact of your Mentors"

Asking your staff to mentor young or new employees is a fantastic, proven, effective strategy for positive induction.

How did you choose your mentors?

What training have you put in place to support them?

How are you offering ongoing support and quality assurance?

What metrics are you using to judge success of your mentor programme?

Deciding to use mentors is an excellent, forward thinking induction strategy; invest in it to see a significant ROI.

Download our training information leaflet


"Let's Talk About Your Business"

Are you working at your best?

Do you have a clear vision and set of values?

Do these drive your policies and practices?

Are your team working well together?

Are you all managing your time well and working effectively?

Would it be helpful to take a step back and discuss your business with a thought partner?

Download our information leaflet here

"Career Coaching for Young People"

Getting started in the workplace and keeping a job can be a big challenge.

Get the best opportunity by being prepared: know what your strengths are, what jobs would be the best match and what areas you need to work on to.

Download our information leaflet here

"Career Coaching for Undergraduates and Graduates"

You've achieved a huge amount in attending university, so you should know what you want to do career wise, shouldn't you?

You are not alone if you are not sure. 

Why not take some time with coaching to really think about it?

Download our information leaflet here

"Turn Goal setting into Goal Getting"

Wouldn't it be great to have someone to listen to you; someone to help you organise your thoughts and realise your ambitions?

"A dream is just a goal without a plan!"

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Ready, Steady, Set and Get your Goals"

Do you dream as a family, or as a couple, of where you would like to be in 5 years' time?

Do you make time to discuss your ambitions with each other and plan how you will achieve them?

Wouldn't it be great to do this?

Download our information leaflet here

If you would like to discuss any aspects of training, why not book a free, initial consultation and let us help you.

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See also training in the "Noo School Support" section.