Shaking Hands, is an award-winning partnership for small medium business owners to communicate, collaborate, and shape the future of good business in Croydon. Our members pay a monthly or annual fee to be a part of the business group. In return, our members receive an online business profile, weekly newsletters catered to their interests, online exposure for their events and venue spaces, free invitations to two monthly networking and social meets, and the opportunity to be introduced to other companies and business owners on an ad hoc basis.

Additional Services available to Shaking Hands Members;

  • Introduction brokerage,reaching & facilitating key business introductions for you & your team;
  • Event support, hosting client outreach events such as lunchtime forums, client meet & greets, venue openings or seminars & workshops;
  • E-Marketing,creating targeted, measurable and unique campaigns, delivered straight to the inboxes of decision makers across the south;
  • Project development, sourcing contacts, resources and partners in Croydon