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“Honest Conversations”

How often do you yourself think about avoiding confrontation?

How many work hours are lost due to issues and misconduct not being addressed at the early stages?

Creating a constructive work ethos and understanding what confrontation is and is not can have a huge, positive impact on staff

well-being, attendance, retention, engagement and productivity.

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“Are you and your staff being the best you can be?”

How on point are you on staff experience and engagement  at your workplace?

SMEs and larger companies and organisations who actively audit and assess these issues, make effective use of the results and communicate these ethically with their workforce, can show significant improvements in staff retention, attendance, well-being , pride in the workplace and productivity.

This is not just for the “Big Guns”, SMEs can benefit too and get huge ROI for this work.

If you think all is ok, don’t just cross your fingers and hope that it stays that way; know what you are doing well so that you can keep doing it, celebrate and use it to attract top talent and excellent, employer reputation attention!

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Developing Grit, Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

People and the organisations they work in need to embed, grit, resilience and emotional intelligence, but how is it done?

Each of these words alone mean different things, and each of these different meanings will not look the same in all organisations and for all of the people in them. We know we should focus on them, but where do we start, how do we develop and embed them and how will we know that we have?

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Would you like to engage your staff in the success of the organisation?

Vision and values sign up, workstream analysis, skills matching and developing, remuneration, well-being, staff retention processes, levels of engagement, organisational growth and restructure, productivity analysis, the list goes on, so much for senior staff to sort out, yes?

Would you like achieve greater workforce engagement in strategic decision making? 

Noo Thinking can provide experienced and expert facilitation and venue and accommodation organisation, so that senior staff can fully engage in the process too.

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“Maximising the positive impact of your Mentors”

Asking your staff to mentor young or new employees is a fantastic, proven, effective strategy for positive induction.

How did you choose your mentors?

What training have you put in place to support them?

How are you offering ongoing support and quality assurance?

What metrics are you using to judge success of your mentor programme?

Deciding to use mentors is an excellent, forward thinking induction strategy; invest in it to see a significant ROI.

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“Are you GDPR Ready?”

New regulations for processing Data came into effect on May 25th, 2018.
Is being ready still on your to do list?Have all of your staff been trained?
Has a Data Audit been completed?
Is there an Information Asset 
Register in place?
Have your policies and procedures been updated to be GDPR compliant?
Do you need some help to make sense of it all?
Noo Thinking offers staff training and implementation support.  
Please contact us to discuss your GDPR training and support needs.

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“Let’s Talk About Your Business”

Are you working at your best?

Do you have a clear vision and set of values?

Do these drive your policies and practices?

Are your team working well together?

Are you all managing your time well and working effectively?

Would it be helpful to take a step back and discuss your business with a thought partner?

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“Turn Goal setting into Goal Getting”

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone to listen to you; someone to help you organise your thoughts and realise your ambitions?

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Ready, Steady, Set and Get your Goals”

Do you dream as a family, or as a couple, of where you would like to be in 5 years’ time?

Do you make time to discuss your ambitions with each other and plan how you will achieve them?

Wouldn’t it be great to do this?

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